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The Boys in the Boat (2013) by Daniel Jams Brown

All I know of the 1936 Olympics is Olympia and Jesse Owens. So this story, the story the American Gold medal-winning 8 man crew, their coxswain, their coach and their boat builder (yes, even him) was completely new to me. I don’t even remember the rowing scenes in Olympia very well. This is an exciting …

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2014 Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team

So obviously the biggest question on every Canadian’s mind right now is ‘did Steve Yzerman et al. pick the right players to give Canada its second men’s hockey Olympic gold medal in a row…on international ice.?’ (The international ice caveat is important because at the Olympic level Canada hasn’t won a men’s hockey gold medal …

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Olympia (1938 Leni Riefenstahl)

Yes, this is a propaganda film made by one of the worst regimes in 20th century history. But for me it’s real historical value is as a document of sports, particularly as the first film document of an Olympic games. As such, it is absolutely riveting (not knowing the fates of Canadian athletes, I was on the …