Tag: Power Metal

1984, Music

Burning the Witches (1984) by Warlock

Music has long been a boys club. It is only very very recently that women musicians have some control over their careers and it wasn’t too long ago, that women musicians were thought capable of only playing certain types of instruments. If there is one genre that would seem utterly impenetrable for women, it would …

1997, Music

The Divine Wings of Tragedy (1997) by Symphony X

Dream Theater remains the only prog metal band I’ve listened to on the progressive side of the spectrum. And I can’t help but hearing their (massive) influence here, for good or ill. (This includes at least one reference in the lyrics to the only Dream Theater album I know well, and I’m sure there are …

2004, Music

Once by Nightwish (Roadrunner 2004)

Can’t say I’ve ever heard this “symphonic metal” thing before. It isn’t very metal, really, but whatever. It’s extraordinarily ambitious, fairly overproduced and full of too many ideas. And part of that is pretty cool (not the over the top production). It’s super melodic and lacks anything in the way of memorable guitar solos (I …