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The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future (2013) by Paul Sabin

This is an interesting book ostensibly about a bet between a biologist and an economist over the earth’s future, but really about the problems of extremism and the folly of prediction.

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NHL Playoff Predictions 2013 Edition

As usual, here are my fairly out-to-lunch annual playoff predictions. Eastern Conference East First Round Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Islanders: Penguins in 4 if Fleury plays alright, if he doesn’t then Pens in 6 or 7 Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators: Habs or Sens in 7 completely depending on who has the better goaltender. …


The album isn’t dead…and if it is, that’s not a good thing

I reject the claim that the album is dead since I own hundreds and I know many who also own hundreds. Moreover, I live near multiple stores that sell albums. I bought one for my brother the other day. I intend to go by some this week for myself, as well. But if it is …

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Belated NHL Playoff Prediction Revisions

Note: I am struggling with the playoffs this year. I really am. I like none of the teams left. I used to like LA back when they set the “man games lost to injury” record yet still almost made the playoffs. But I frankly don’t like this team. They only score now? They are where …

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Don’t plan the parade just yet

For those of you who have watched Kessel’s early season magic and think that he is born-again (and, therefore, that the Leafs are a much better team) should note something: Currently Kessel is scoring 1.5 goals per game. Additionally he is potting 0.75 assists per game giving him a ridiculous league leading 2.25PPG (pardon the …

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Stanley Cup take 2

I have been saying for a while in preseason predictions that I thought Boston had a pretty good chance. And then every playoff I have reversed myself due to peer pressure and looking at Boston’s forwards and thinking “really?” This was Vancouver’s year, I think. Not going to happen again for a while. Oh well.

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Why the Heat Should be Worried they Squandered This Opportunity

Though it may seem obvious to some the Heat will have another chance at a title, I’m not sure it’s so certain. For a variety of reasons. Wade’s fragile body: LeBron has been quite healthy since he came into the league. And Bosh has been reasonably healthy. But Wade – their best player if the …

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3rd Round Predictions

NHL: Unfortunately I think TB will beat Boston in 6 but I really hope not (incidentally I have been thinking Boston would win a cup soon for two years, but I reneged in the last few months) Vancouver over SJ in 5 I really, really hope Tampa doesn’t win a second cup. I don’t want …

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Revised NBA Playoff Predictions

East: Bulls 4 vs. Hawks 1 Celtics 4 vs. Heat 3 (I hope I hope I hope, and I hope the Celtics are healthy, because no way they are winning banged up)   Conference Final: Bulls 4 vs. Celtics 2 West: OKC 4 vs. Memphis 1 (assuming) Dallas 4 vs. LAL 3…kidding, in my dreams. …

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Revised NHL Playoff Predictions

Okay, so I didn’t do so horribly… East: Washington 4 vs. TB 1 Philadelphia 4 vs. Boston 2   Conference Final: Washington 4 vs. Philly 2   West: Vancouver 4 vs. Nashville 1 on paper, maybe actually something like Vancouver 4 Nashville 3…who knows with these head cases Detroit 4 vs. San Jose 3   …

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NBA Playoff Predictions

Totally forgot to do this and probably won’t have time tomorrow.   East: Chicago vs. Indiana: Chicago in 5 Miami vs. Philly: Miami in 7 Boston vs. New York: I really hope Celtics in 6 but maybe 7, maybe upset Orlando vs. Atlanta: Orlando in 5   Semis: Chicago vs. Orlando: Chicago in 6 Miami …

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2010 NBA Predictions

Well, I can’t say I see the Heat winning it all. I really don’t buy that three guys will suddenly make a winner. On the other hand, if they don’t have any personality conflicts, they could easily win the regular season. But I don’t see them making it out of the East. I figure a …

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NHL 2010-11 Predictions

I like to make predictions each year for the Stanley Cup but this year I am having a really hard time. No one team strikes me as being particularly stronger than the herd. Chicago is clearly not as good as they were last year and though I can’t help but think of them as a …

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The predictions I should have made hours ago

My (yet again) revised playoff predictions: Detroit in 6 (before I watched the game, I swear) Pittsburgh in 6 And now that I know the Lakers have moved on, Nuggets in 7. I think Cleveland will lose one game to Orlando or two games to Boston.

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The Daily Show, Conservapedia

A friend of my once mentioned that he didn’t like the Daily Show that much because it was too “left wing.” To call the Daily Show left wing is to buy in to the US bullshit about “right-left.” This supposed distinction (which isn’t much of one at all), makes these terms virtually meaningless except as applies …