Tag: Rap Metal

1993, Music

Judgment Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1993)

I know this record was a big deal to fans of these bands at the time, but I had literally no idea about it until an anniversary of it maybe 5 years ago. I had low expectations, despite how many of these rock bands I like.

1998, Music

Follow the Leader (1998) by Korn

Despite being everywhere for a chunk of my high school years, I have very little memory of Korn now. Had you asked me before I listened to this album what I remember of them, I might have been able to come up with the name of “Freak on a Leash”…maybe. I bet I would have …

1996, Music

Evil Empire (1996) by Rage Against the Machine

Unlike earlier “rap metal” fusion bands (who were extremely funk influenced), and unlike future Nu Metal bands (who incorporated a great deal more hip hop-style production), what Rage does is pretty straightforward: hard rock riff plus political rap plus a guitar riff and/or solo that sounds like it might have been created by a turntable. …