Traineater (2007) by Book of Knots

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I think most people who come to this record because of the musicians involved will invariably have really high expectations, which is a problem. But a concept album about the decline of US industry made by some of the best experimental rock musicians with so many notable guests – Tom Waits!!! Trey Spruance!!! Mike Watt!!! – is bound to raise expectations. And, if you come to this later, as I have, there might also be an inclination to see this as the beginning of Bossi’s and Kihlstedt’s descent from avant garde weirdness and cutesy indie pop. And so I must Read More

Grand Opening and Closing (2001) by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

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SGM’s debut is an idiosyncratic mix of metal, ‘modern creative’, theatricality and some other disparate genres (prog for example). Part of the idiotically named ‘Rock Against Rock’ sub-genre – the standard-bearer? – SGM sound like a less chaotic, less Zappa-crazy Bungle at times, but don’t be mistaken by the oft made comparison. This is an entirely different beast – in part because they clearly like different weird things from Bungle. Perhaps their most distinguishing feature is their use of home made instruments and effects, which makes some tracks even less accessible. I must say I prefer their later stuff slightly, Read More