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1999, Movies

Notting Hill (1999, Roger Michell)

I have avoided this movie for nearly decades simply because I figured it was a typical romantic comedy. I made the decision that I had no interest in romantic comedies sometime in my teens. I’ve since come to realize that was maybe a little unfair to some of these movies, but I’m kind of amazed …

1999, Movies

10 Things I Hate About You (1999, Gil Junger)

I joined IMDB at age 16, if I remember correctly, rating anything and everything. For much of my late teens and into my early twenties, I would even rate movies I had only seen a scene or two of. I would watch part of a movie on TV (not necessarily the beginning), decide it was …

1987, Movies

Broadcast News (1987, James L. Brooks)

This is a well-meaning satire of television news and where it was headed in the 1980s (i.e. where we are today with infotainment) that is hijacked by a love triangle, which prevents it from turning into the 80s Network, which is certainly could have been.

2016, Movies

Okafor’s Law (2016, Omoni Oboli)

For the first two thirds of this film, it is a reasonably amusing Romantic Comedy – not my thing but effective and, for someone like me not familiar with Nollywood, a decent spin on the formula, despite a few sound issues. But the wheels come off in the third act, with not only a few …

1953, Movies

The Band Wagon (1953, Vincente Minnelli)

This is an inventive, meta musical that’s entertaining enough to make me think I need to re-watch Singing in the Rain. But it still suffers from the usual Golden Age of Hollywood nonsense: mild, easy, humour, musical numbers that don’t really fit the plot, a relationship between two people completely the wrong age for each …

1947, Movies

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (1947, Irving Reis)

I was really not looking forward to this one, but I found it to be an enjoyably stupid screwball comedy. Maybe I was in the right mood. Or maybe I’ve softened over the years and can take this style more than I used to. Whatever the reason, though I found the whole thing kind of …

2009, Movies

Away We Go (2009 Sam Mendes)

This is one of those moderately funny, moderately affecting American indie romantic dramedies that were just everywhere in the aughts. The soundtrack – filled with the music of a man named Alexi Murdoch – is perhaps the most obvious clue that you are watching something made in the aughts, but the whole vibe is just …

2011, Movies

The Artist (2011, Michel Hazanavicius)

The hype around this movie was ridiculous and only increased with the Oscar wins (which are meaningless, but anyway…). I just want to address that before I actually tell you what I think of the movie. It’s not novel to take inspiration from silent films. Canada’s own Guy Maddin has been taking inspiration from silent …

2005, 2015, Movies

TIFF 2015: Anomalisa (2015, Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman) (15/15)

Kaufman is probably the most interesting American screenwriter of his era. This film is based on his 2005 “sound play” (i.e. a modern stage equivalent of an old radio play). POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

2014, Movies

Obvious Child (2014, Gillian Robespierre)

This is a reasonably edgy, reasonably funny “abortion comedy” that is weakened somewhat by the obligatory love story and a lack of constant laughs. Maybe it’s because I’m male, but some of the jokes did not land with me at all. And though I appreciated the edge this comedy has – more of an edge …

2010, Movies

Les amours imaginaires aka Heartbeats (2010, Xavier Dolan)

This is one of those love triangle films we have all seen a million times, where two people vie over another. But, wait, there’s a twist! It’s a woman and a man vying over a man! Never seen that one bef…oh wait. I feel like this is how women must feel when they watch something …

1957, Movies

An Affair to Remember (1957, Leo McCarey)

This is one of those “classic” bantery Hollywood romantic comedies with a Cary Grant-type – this time played by Cary Grant, here paired with one of his regular sparring partners, Deborah Kerr. It’s one of those movies where two unbelievably rich and self-assured people throw witticisms at each other – with a little tiny bit …

2013, Movies

Warm Bodies (2013, Jonathan Levine)

From the very beginning, this movie – and presumably its source, the novel – violates many if not most genre conventions. So maybe it shouldn’t judged on the terms of those conventions. Because if it is judged on the conventions of the genre, it is bad. But I guess if it willfully violates the genre’s …

1970, Movies

Domicile conjugal (1970, Francois Truffaut)

This is a sporadically entertaining film that is very well-shot though a bit clumsily edited and paced. It’s not quite as funny as it probably was originally, but it hasn’t held up that well. The bigger problem is that it really does feel like a defense of the immaturity of the protagonist, who is going …

1886, Books, Fiction

The Bostonians by Henry James (1886)

I haven’t fallen in love in the teenage / young adult sense in some time. The last time I was 26 I think. But that being said, I still think I have a good idea of what it is like. Now, I’m not trying to say love is rational, as it totally isn’t. But I’m …