Fabulosos Calavera (1997) by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

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In 1997, I fell in love with Grosse Pointe Blank, the only romantic comedy that was violent enough for my 15 year old soul to feel okay about liking. I liked it so much I went out and bought the soundtrack. (Well, the first soundtrack as there’s a Volume 2 I never purchased.) It was the one of the few contemporary albums I owned at the time (everything else was Beatles). On that CD was a song called “Matador” by this band. Read More

Goddammit I Love America (1988) by Mr. Bungle

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For me, this is the first Bungle demo that really sounds like Bungle, rather than a bunch of guys who would turn into Bungle later. A lot of that has to do with the presence of songs that make the debut, but they sound a lot better – more coherent, more obviously themselves instead of a Metallica- or Camper van Beethoven-wannabes, and just way more like the band I fell in love with. This is still pretty rough – they were still a ways from refining their very unique sound (and you could argue the debut was still very unrefined) Read More

Bowel of Chiley (1987) by Mr. Bungle

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This second Bungle demo is a lot closer to their “mature” sound than the first (if you can call early ’90s Bungle “mature”) but they kind of sound like a metal-influenced Camper van Beethoven on crack here. I guess that doesn’t give full credit to their weirdness – even at this early stage they were significantly weirder than CVB, but if CVB really was an influence on Bungle (and I can’t help but think they were) this demo reeks of that influence more than anything else they ever recorded. It’s way crazier than CVB ever got, but it’s also a Read More

The Big Ups at the Horseshoe, June 9, 2012

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Or: Nothing like seeing a bad bar band to put you off music and on to psychology. I went to The Big Ups’ show last night. I knew nothing about them. That’s not why I went. But went I did. I have nothing to say about them really, they were fine. Not my type of music (sort of a 4th generation ska, almost, if you know what I mean) but they were certainly capable. They went on after 12:30 and so we didn’t stay for the full set, as it was well past my bedtime. Read More

Greatest Hits by Sublime (MCA 1999)

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It’s impossible to judge a band by a compilation, especially something like a clearly arbitrary “greatest hits” comp, but even worse when the arbitrary comp is this short (it is unbelievably short). That being said, I will do it anyway. If you went to a small liberal arts university in Canada in the early 2000s chances are you knew someone who loved Sublime. Chances are most guys around you at least professed a love of Sublime, even if they didn’t demonstrate it by owning their CDs. At my school, there were certain bands that all males were expected to love: Read More