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A lot of people have being saying a lot of things about immigrants and immigrants these last few years. I have added my two cents. If you are interested, I would appreciate you reading it. If you like it, I would appreciate the social media share on the social network of your choice. Read about why we hate immigrants. And, if you find it interesting, please do check out my other pieces on similar subjects. Thanks. Read More

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (2015, Stanley Nelson)

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Age is a funny thing. I watched this movie months ago, perhaps more than that, on Netflix and forgot to review it (I think!), forgot to rate it, both things I do religiously. And then I got it from the library this week. When I started watching it (because Olympic golf is on!) I got the strongest sense of deja vu. I remember it being a pretty thorough examination of an important and complicated part of US history. It’s a standard documentary but it’s educational and it’s a story that needs to be told. I will say that I always Read More

The Peep Diaries (2009) by Hal Niedzviecki

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This is a relatively interesting and amusing book about how modern technology and modern culture have created a brave new world that we don’t really understand how to navigate (and which could have all sorts of unintended consequences for us. However, the book suffers from a number of problems which make it not among the best books to examine this particular moment in human history (and there are a lot of these books). First, Niedzviecki tries to give all the different things he covers one name: Peep. Obviously that didn’t stick. And the problem is that he comes off as Read More

The American Scream (2012, Michael Stephenson)

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This is a fascinating movie about three families (really three men) who convert their houses into Haunted Houses every Halloween in Fairhaven, Mass. I don’t know if there are places in Toronto, but I have never seen anything like in person, outside of professional Haunted Houses. I also had no idea that this was such a thing in the US, or that there were conventions – did you know there’s a convention??? – and now I kind of want to look for one here. The film isn’t a great movie, but it’s fascinating and I had no idea about any Read More

The Age of Stupid (2009, Franny Armstrong)

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Somewhere in this movie there are the makings of a great “message” documentary about climate change. With some more money and a different “director” (if it was indeed directed by one person), maybe this could be the movie they wanted it to be, the movie some critics apparently thought they saw. But this film is a fucking disaster as a film, and only the power of its message keeps me from giving it an even lower rating. It reminds me of How to Make Money Selling Drugs, another message film that feels like it was made in someone’s basement. Well, Read More

On the sanity of living with another human being

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I have vivid dreams. I mean: really, really vivid. Sometimes they are so vivid I am convinced I am living them, until I wake up. Sometimes they are so vivid they take the place of my memories and I occasionally get confused about whether or not something realistic that happened in a dream actually happened in real life. This doesn’t happen often, but it happens occasionally. Read More