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2010, Movies, TV

Carlos (2010, Oliver Assayas)

This is one of those innumerable high end European miniseries that got transformed into a movie in North America, both in its full version and in a shortened version. I watched the full version because I really don’t get why we should be satisfied with cuts that are just a little bit more than a …

2013, Movies

Captain Phillips (2013, Paul Greengrass)

This film reminds me a lot of Black Hawk Down, a similarly politically clueless film about East Africa, which is so well made and so compulsively watchable that, as a white Canadian, I stop caring about its political cluelessness.

2008, Movies

Body of Lies (2008 Ridley Scott)

I have no idea whether or not this film is accurate as to the day to day actions of CIA operatives in the Middle East – I doubt it, but it is a fictional film after all – but, for much of its run, it is an effective political thriller with a strong sense of …

1949, 2016

The Just by Albert Camus, live at the Michael Young Theatre, March 9, 2016

This is a new translation of Les Justes that appears to have been written in light of what’s currently going on in the Middle East.

2015, Politics, Society

It’s not just C-51 that’s the problem, it’s the System

I haven’t posted anything original in this space since February, in part because I am writing a new book, but in part because I have been a little depressed about the seeming inevitably of the government passing the worst piece of Federal legislation I have seen in my lifetime. (If you don’t know what C-51 …

2008, Movies

Adoration (2008, Atom Egoyan)

Oh, Egoyan’s attempts to understand the past through contrivances and meta-narratives! Gotta love’em. Whereas with Ararat, Egoyan tried to get us to understand the Armenian genocide through making a movie about making a movie about it (yeesh), here he tries to get us to understand suicide bombing and terrorism, and the resulting prejudice, by making …

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Please, everyone, just calm down

Please, everyone, let’s just calm down a little. Let’s try to have a sense of perspective. Let’s try to think about the big picture. I know that’s very difficult when someone you never met dies, but let’s try to be bigger than knee-jerk reactions this one time.

2013, Politics, Religion, Society

Timing is Everything

When the RCMP announced they arrested two suspected train bomber the other day, many people questioned the timing. They claimed they had been following them for a year, and yet there was no immediate danger to public safety. Announced in the week following the Boston Marathon bombing, many suspected the RCMP were either just trying …

2010, Politics, Society

What do you think is the best way to defeat terrorism?

Removing the economic motives for oppression decreases the popularity of policies that oppress. We are then left with only the more obvious and often less palatable motives (such as jingoism…sort of kidding). If oppression is unpopular with the supporters / citizens / what-have-you of the oppressor, then it is difficult for the oppressor to continue. …

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I read an editorial in the Star the other day that was absurd. While there are many good reasons for asserting / defending Canadian sovereignty in the Northwest Passage (at least until Canada joins the New World State), terrorism is not one of them. However, this editorial asserted, seriously as far as I can tell, …

2004, Politics, Society

American Exceptionalism strikes again…

Hey, I’m watching TV and stuff again so I’m writing more! Or I just don’t want to study. I have to say, I really don’t feel like there’s anything more for me to do. So, this attack in London is horrible. I will never understand how anyone can do such things. But at the same …