I have been drinking beer since I was 21 or so (not because of age limits – 19 in Ontario, where I am from – but because I couldn’t handle the taste of beer at 19 and 20). I have been attempting to try new beer since I was 25 or so. By age 35 I had tried around 1,500 beers, that I am aware of (so maybe closer to 1,600 or 1,700, allowing for some alcohol-induced memory lapses). I have been tracking these ratings using unpopular rating sites – first I used a facebook app then I used BrewGene. I have switched to RateBeer but have yet to import my BrewGene ratings.

Beer, to me, is a wonderful aesthetic experience with more variety than I can imagine. No other alcohol (to my knowledge) contains the variety of flavours that beer does. No, not even wine.

Some of my favourite styles:

  • American Barleywines
  • English Barleywines
  • Doppelbocks
  • Dunkels
  • Belgian IPAs (when done well)
  • Black IPAs
  • Brett IPAs
  • Vermont/East Coast IPAs
  • West Coast IPAs (sometimes)
  • APAs
  • American Porters
  • Imperial Porters
  • Sour Porters
  • Saisons
  • Black Saisons
  • Some types of sours, including hopped sours
  • Adjunct stouts and Imperial Stouts
  • (Russian) Imperial Stouts
  • Sour Stouts/Sour Imperial Stouts

I am willing to try just about anything and appreciate styles that fuse styles or violate rules

Styles I dislike

  • Kolsch
  • American Lager

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