1934 in Movies

Movie reviews written for movies that were released theatrically in 1934.

1. The Black Cat, directed by (8/10)

It’s pretty crazy for its time. There are some cool angles and cuts. The hero isn’t really all good. Interesting but not for anyone who doesn’t like 1930s movies.

2. L’Atlante, directed by (8/10)

Hugely overrated but still interesting to look at.

2. The Thin Man, directed by W.S. Van Dyke (8/10)

This is certainly iconic, as it started a real trend in Hollywood. It’s entertaining as well.

2020 Update: I watched this again in 2020 without any memory of having seen it the first time so I wonder how long ago I saw it.

Very entertaining, very well done.

4. It Happened One Night, directed by Frank Capra (6*/10)

Years ago, I thought I loved this movie. I think I did because I knew it was considered a classic and because it is vaguely entertaining. I haven’t seen it since, but I have seen a lot of Capra since and uniformly found him sentimental and seriously underwhelming. So I guess I must have downgraded my rating at some point, even though I didn’t watch the movie again. Just know that this is not necessarily fair.

5. The House of Mystery, directed by unknown (1/10)

Despite House of Mystery‘s relatively decent budget (in contrast to, say, I Eat Your Skin), it is definitely challenging for worst of the bunch of bad ’30s, ’40s and ’50s horror films I received on DVD. It has pretty much every cliche of a 1930s films.

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