1947 in Music

Music reviews for music released in 1947.


1.Thelonius Monk: The Genius of Modern Music (10/10)

Review pending.


2. Aram Khachaturian: Symphony No. 3 ‘Simfoniya-poema’ (8/10)

Khachaturian’s final symphony apparently started out as a symphonic poem but was converted to a “symphony” for some reason. To my ears it sounds more like a mutated or bastardized organ concerto. It is far and away the most interesting piece of music I’ve heard from him to date and maybe that explains why it was condemned by the Soviet authorities. If more of Khachaturian’s music was like this – unusual, innovative and surprising – I wouldn’t find most of his music such a slog.


3. Memphis Minnie: “Three Times Seven Blues” (8/10)

A full band recording gives a different look to Minnie but she still dominates the recording. This is a pretty good example, I think, of post war blues enabled by a full band.


4. Louis Armstrong: The Complete New York Town Hall and Boston Symphony Hall Concerts (7/10)

Note: I don’t believe either of these concerts was actually released on disc in 1947. Read the review.


5. Billie Holiday: “Easy Living” (7/10)

Though still a ballad, this is a little more uptempo. Bluesy music despite happy lyrics. Guitar alert!
At the two minute mark it practically explodes with joy (relatively speaking).


6. Billie Holiday: “Solitude” (7/10)

Another ballad. A pop version of a (big band) jazz tune, it’s significantly jazzier than the other stuff from this period. This is one of those tracks where you can hear her trying to sound like another instrument.


7. Memphis Minnie: “I’m So Glad” (7/10)

Not the Skip James song, far as I can tell but I haven’t listened to it in a while. This sounds older than her other music from the era partly because it’s a duo recording. It’s alright.


Benny Carter and His Orchestra: “Jump Call” (???/10)

The Miles Davis All Stars: “Milestones” / “Sippin’ at Bells” (??/10)

Miles Davis and Charlie Parker: “Half Nelson” (??/10)

Coleman Hawkins All Stars: “The Way You Look Tonight” (??/10)

Illinois Jacquet and His Orchestra: “For Europeans Only” (??/10)

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Another Hair Do” (??/10)

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Bird of Paradise” (??/10) [not issued until 1949???]

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Chasin’ the Bird” (??/10) / Miles Davis All Stars: “Little Willie Leaps” (??/10)

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Cheryl” (??/10) / “Bird Gets the Worm” (??/10)

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Crazeology” (??/10) [issued??]

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Donna Lee” (??/10)

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Don’t Blame Me” (??/10) [Issued when?]

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Klaunstance” (??/10)

Charlie Parker Quintet: “My Old Flame” (??/10) [Not issued until 1951???]

Charlie Parker Quintet: “Out of Nowhere” (??/10) [Not issued until 1950???]

Charlie Parker Sextet: “How Deep is the Ocean?” (??/10) [Not issued until 1952??]



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