1907 in Movies

Movie reviews for movies (short films) made in 1907. The year information is from IMDB.


1. “Tunneling the English Channel,” directed by Georges Melies (9/10)

Though this film appears to be somewhat damaged, this is another classic Melies “epic,” using his tired old device – a man having magical dream – in new and interesting ways. The backdrops in this film are among the most creative of his entire oeuvre and though it is not quite as important as his earliest ventures into this length of film, it’s still a remarkable film and worth seeing.


2. “Good Glue Sticks,” Georges Melies (8/10)

This is a new conceit for Melies and it is executed really well.


3. “The Prophetess of Phebes,” directed by Georges Melies (7/10)

Another fragment, but this one appears to be of a film that might have been really worth watching if it had survived. Too bad.


4. “The Skipping Cheese,” directed by Georges Melies (6/10)

A new gag, but not particularly novel compared to his earlier films.


5. “The Knight of Black Art,” directed by Georges Melies (6/10)

A more elaborate version of his routine.


6. “Rogues’ Tricks,” directed by Georges Melies (6/10)

Some new tricks, but mostly old ones.


7. “The Eclipse, or the Courtship of the Sun and Moon,” directed by Georges Melies (5/10)

This appears to be a spiritual sequel to Melies’ most famous movie. It’s less creative, less compelling, and just inferior in every way. It’s still got some of that Melies magic, but it’s nothing compared to his best movies.


8. “Sightseeing Through Whiskey,” directed by Georges Melies (5/10)

A novel setting for some of the same tricks and tropes. Not much new here.


9. “In the Bogie Man’s Cave,” directed by Georges Melies (4/10)

Same old, same old magic act.


10. “Justinian’s Human Torches,” directed by Georges Melies (4/10)

Hard to know what he was up to with this brief docudrama.


11. “Delirium in a Studio,” directed by Georges Melies (4/10)

The usual Melies slapstick, but because this is a fragment, we don’t know if it goes anywhere else.