2017, Music

Melodrama (2017) by Lorde

I know Lorde by exactly one song. I am not aware of hearing another song of hers ever. In the intervening years, I wasn’t even sure if she was still recording much. I feel like I’ve heard her name here and there but, mostly, whatever spaces I was aware of discussing her when “Royals” came …

2017, Music

Swear I’m Good at This (2017) by Diet Cig

This is a record that lands somewhere between power pop and pop punk, with a little bit more of an indie aesthetic than most pop punk, and a dose of twee. People who follow this kind of music more than me tell me the twee is a little bit innovative, but twee power pop is …

2017, Music

Choir of the Mind (2017) by Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton

I am not a fan of Metric. I tried to listen to them when everyone in Canada was getting excited about them and they did nothing for me. I’m glad to say this doesn’t sound like my memories of Metric too often.

2017, Music

Lotta Sea Lice (2017) by Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile

I am only familiar with Kurt Vile by reputation, and I’ve only heard a few covers by Courtney Barnett, so I really don’t know how a collaboration like this fits in either’s catalogue or career.

1986, Movies, TV

Fugitive Alien (1986, Minoru Kanaya, Kiyosumi Kuzakawa)

I watched the second Fugitive Alien first, back in 2022. I watched this second because of the order it aired for the original season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. (They later fixed the order for the proper show.) Not that it matters. If you don’t already know, this is just two episodes of a Japanese …

2017, Music

Woodstock (2017) by Portugal. The Man

I listened to Portgual. The Man’s 6th (and apparently most acclaimed) album, In the Mountain in the Cloud, years ago and did not like it. I have very little memory of it and barely wrote a review. I also saw them live during NXNE once. I liked them more live but still didn’t enjoy them. …

2016, Music

Stranger Things: Volume Two (2016) by Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein

Here I am listening to the second volume of the soundtrack to the (first season, I believe of the) TV show Stranger Things, a show I have never seen and don’t really intend to watch. I have also not listened to the first volume. What is going on?

2017, Music

DAMN. (2017) by Kendrick Lamar

From the moment I heard this had won the Pulitzer, it was inevitable that, when I eventually got to it, I would have expectations, expectations that were not satisfiable. It’s not that the Pulitzer really is much of anything, but it carries a lot of cache with it even though, as with so many awards, …

2017, Music, Uncategorized

I See You (2017) by The xx

This album of downtempo, indie-esque romantic songs apparently belongs to multiple genres I have never heard of. I have heard of, and listened to a lot of genres, so that’s a weird experience for me. But the genres appear to be mostly British, so maybe that’s an explanation.

1997, Books, Non-Fiction

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Choosing Wine (1997) by Philip Seldon

I did not finish this book. The version I have is from 1997 and is way out of date. It is out of date in terms of pricing, which doesn’t matter, but also in terms of the way Seldon thinks about wine. I read a book about Canadian whisky recently (published within the last decade) …

1974, Movies, Music

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones (1973, Rollin Binzer)

This is a straight-up concert film of a performances pulled from four shows in Texas during The Stones’ 1972 tour (the Cocksucker Blues tour), their first tour of the US since Altamont. I’d say it’s for fans only. Imagine directing a concert film of The Rolling Stones and your name is Rollin Binzer. I really …

1949, Movies

野良犬 aka Nora Inu (1949, Akira Kurosawa)

I have Toshiro Mifune, the biggest Japanese actor of his generation, in more films that I could count. But when I first saw him in this, I didn’t even recognize him. I guess it’s his age and lack of beard. So many of the films I’ve seen him in were made just a bit later.

2017, Music

MASSEDUCTION (2017) by St. Vincent

I saw Annie Clark early in her career on Austin City Limits, showing off her guitar playing and doing vaguely quirky things like playing a “cello guitar.” I really enjoyed it and figured I would check her out. I bought Actor whenever it came out and liked it enough tried to like it more than …

2017, Music

The Wild (2017) by The Rural Alberta Advantage

I first saw The Rural Alberta Advantage at WIMF many years ago. (Possibly before this album came out.) They were appealing in part because of their unique instrumentation – a vocalist and acoustic guitarist, a keyboardist and backing vocalist, and a drummer, nothing else. Also, the drummer played at the front of the stage, sideways, …

2016, Music

We Got it from Here… Thank You For Your Service (2016) by A Tribe Called Quest

Though I am not a fan of hip hop for some reason Tribe were always one of the few groups I was interested in. They were somehow more compelling to me, without knowing basically anything about them, than a lot of other groups. Weirdly, I watched their documentary well before I ever listened to one …