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2014, Movies

The Monuments Men (2014, George Clooney)

This is a reasonably entertaining, but oddly paced and very traditional film that dramatizes the efforts the US went to in order to rescue the art that the Nazis stole in World War II. As far as I can tell, it is very, very, very loosely based on the true story.

2008, Movies

Inkheart (2008, Iain Softley)

I can imagine the pitch meeting where someone thought this was a good idea. And though I later learned it came from a book (I have not read it, obviously), it doesn’t make me think that pitch meeting was any more reasonable. Ideas like this always sound good, but it takes a lot imagination to …

1900, Books, Fiction

Lord Jim (1900) by Joseph Conrad

Conrad is perhaps my favourite (English language) writer from the turn of the last century. I find “The Secret Sharer” to be one of the greatest English language short stories ever written. And Nostromo is a favourite of mine. And yet it took me forever to get into this, considered by some to be among …

2015, Movies

TIFF 2015: Comoara aka The Treasure (2015, Conerliu Porumboiu) (8/15)

This is a gentle but amusing examination of life in contemporary Romania: the absurdities, the bureaucracy and the dreams that make those bearable. MILD SPOILERS The film suggests it is going one direction – a dark direction – but then does not ever go that direction and then, instead, the miraculous happens. It’s rather incredible …

2004, Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007, Gore Verbinski)

I’ve generally enjoyed these movies way more than I ever thought I would, but this one is so ridiculous, so convoluted, so unbelievable that whatever goofiness really doesn’t make up for the mess. (Though, I can’t help but think that the second one was maybe more of a mess than I remember.) It shouldn’t be …


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006, Gore Verbinski)

This is a reasonably entertaining PG action film that I half watched while I performed a really annoying task related to this blog. I can’t say I paid a lot of attention, but it seemed reasonably well done. 6/10

2010, Movies

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010, Michael Apted)

Apted’s surer hand makes this possibly the best entry in the series – it’s obvious from the opening shot that a better director is involved. The movie is plagued by its usual problems with the source material – nobody is ever at risk – but things move so much more swiftly (this one is under …

1894, Books, Fiction

The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) by Anthony Hope

I thought I was completely unfamiliar with this story as I had not seen the movie nor did I know anything about the book. However, it turns out that I have indeed seen a smilar movie, Dave! It turns out that story has been used over and over again by various people. I don’t know …

1888, Books, Fiction

King Solomon’s Mines (1888) by H. Rider Haggard

I was only familiar with this story from the ’80s Hollywood version, which I had been told was drastically different from the book. Sure enough, it absolutely was. So much of it is utterly different as to be (nearly) a different story. But anyway… Putting aside the problems we may find in Victorian literature with …

2011, Movies

The Eagle (2011, Kevin Macdonald)

This movie tries really hard. It’s clear a lot of effort went into the film, including the costumes and, particularly, the use of Gaelic (even though, with a few minutes research, it turns out it likely wasn’t Gaelic they would have been speaking). But there are a couple of really annoying things that keep the …

2014, Movies

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, Wes Anderson)

It’s not often I call a film ‘delightful’, but I can’t really think of another word for this entertaining and absolutely wonderful experience. I know nothing of Stefan Zweig but he and Anderson are a near-perfect match. Anderson has created a world that both seems inspired by and a tonic to Hollywood and European film …

1985, Movies

King Solomon’s Mines (1985, J. Lee Thompson)

This is one of those wannabe Raiders of the Lost Ark films, even though it is based on a novel from about 100 years earlier. But unlike some of the other ’80s adventure revivals, this is practically a copy of the Indiana Jones series, albeit with more (attempts at) humour. One could interpret it as a parody, but parodies …

1984, Movies

Romancing the Stone (1984, Robert Zemeckis)

I swear I had seen this movie before, but I’m not sure if it really was its sequel, or I’m just getting completely confused and thought it was King Solomon’s Mines. In any case, this is not the movie I thought it was. It is a very silly entry in what was part of the …

1995, Movies

Congo (1995, Frank Marshall)

First of all, I thought I had seen this years ago but I remember about 15 minutes of it, so I guess not. Somewhere in here there might be a reasonably entertaining “jungle adventure” movie. Maybe. I have read a couple of Crichton’s novels, and they were better than their films. I am assuming the …