Additionally to these trips I have

  • Lived in Australia for 6 months in 2003
  • Been to Florida more times than I can count, the most recent being 2008
  • Driven down the eastern seaboard of the United States many times, including twice all the way to Florida
  • Gone to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and southern California in my teens

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Where I’ve Been in North America


I’ve been to every province in Canada but none of the territories:


I have lived nearly 3/4s of my life in Toronto, Ontario. However, since I was 6, my father has lived in Oakville so I have spent an untold amount of time there as well.

I lived in Hamilton, Ontario for 1 year and then 5 years.

I have spent an untold amount of time in the Collingwood-Thornbury era, mostly in the winter.

I have spent an untold amount of time around Kingston.

I have visited Guelph an unknown number of times.

I have visited Ottawa three times.

I have stayed in London a couple of times.

I have been to Niagara Falls many times and stayed overnight at least once.

I have been to many of the major cities in southern Ontario, including Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, St. Catherines and more. I’ve also been to many small towns.

I have stayed in cottages and camped in the northern part of southern Ontario many times.

I have camped in northern Ontario, near Cochrane, near Thunder Bay, near Kenora and near the Sault, and I also stayed in Dryden. This was part of driving the entire breadth of the province, both ways, in 2006.


I lived in Lennoxville, Quebec for parts of four years.

I have been to Montreal many times, including on the way to or from Lennoxville. 

I drove through Quebec to Labrador: to Lennoxville, to Quebec City, to Saguenay, to Baie Comeau to Labrador City.


I drove from Calgary to Edmonton to Vancouver when I was in my teens.

I drove through Alberta, spending 5 days in Calgary, on my way to the West Coast in 2006.

I drove through northern Alberta, through Grand Prairie to Edmonton to Cold Lake, on my way home in 2006.

I flew into and out of Calgary to visit Panorama in 2018.

British Columbia

I visited British Columbia as a child.

We drove from the Alberta border to Vancouver in my teens. We also visited Vancouver Island.

We went to Vancouver and Whistler in, I believe, December 2000.

I stopped in Vancouver on my way to Australia in February 2003.

I drove along the southern “Crow’s Nest” highway from the Alberta border to the Okanagan in 2006. I then drove from there to Whistler and then down into Vancouver. I spent some time in Vancouver and on the Island. I then drove from Vancouver to Fort Saint John and then I headed back to Alberta.

I went to Panorama in 2018.


I drove through Winnipeg and stayed in a wonderful provincial park in 2006. A month or so later, I drove down from central Saskatchewan and this time stayed in Winnipeg.

I spent a night in Manitoba in June 2017 and re-entered the province a day later for an hour or two.