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Riley Goes to Europe

Somehow I had managed avoiding spending any time in Europe (with the notable exception of the UK and the possible exception of Istanbul)…until the past 3 weeks, that is. For the last 18 days or so, I have been in Europe, essentially for the first time. This was supposed to happen last spring but we had to delay it until the autumn, which is why we went at such an odd time.

We chose to go to Montenegro for two reasons:

  • Jenn, my partner/significant other, had never been to Montenegro but has been to most of Europe, and
  • Montenegro is cheap.

However, it is relatively hard for Canadians to get to Montenegro as there are not direct flights from Toronto to either of the two major airports in the country, because they are not very big airports. So, we figured out we would have to fly to another city in Europe.

Our plan for last spring was to fly to Amsterdam (the other options were Vienna and Barcelona) for a few days and then fly to Montenegro. We then learned about an epic train trip from Belgrade that is considered one of the great train journeys in the world. So we then figured we would fly from Amsterdam to Belgrade and then train in to Montenegro. Air TransAt offers direct flights to and from Zagreb in the summer only, so we figured we’d leave via Zagreb.

When we postponed our trip to the Autumn we decided to flip the itinerary on its head, because the Zagreb flights ended at the end of the September, which is how we ended up going to Croatia first, and the Netherlands last. Basically, everywhere we went but Montenegro was in an attempt to get to Montenegro, but this allowed us to see a lot more than just one very small country.

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