1879 in Music

Music reviews I’ve written for music published in 1879.

1. Charles Gounod: “Funeral March of a Marionette” [orchestrated version] (9/10)

A classic, iconic piece.

2. Antonin Dvorak: Violin Concerto in A minor (9/10)

Dvorak’s violin concerto has to be one of the most iconic in the repertoire. The second movement in particular I have heard way too many times.

It’s fine high romantic melodic stuff.

3. Henri Duparc: Le manoir de Rosemonde (8/10)

Full of trembling, dramatic piano, I think Duparc wrote more interesting, or at least more exciting, songs for men.

4. Gabriel Faure: Piano Quartet No. 1 (7/10)

Note: I probably listened to the 1883 revision as I’m not sure the original 1879 version is ever performed any more.

The first piano quartet is a very pleasing listen and pretty up beat for the minor feel of it.

I hadn’t listened to it in forever before writing this but it seems like I may have soured on it a bit in the interim. I like my Romantic music moody and this is (mostly) the definition of whatever the opposite of moody is.

But it’s very nice to listen to.