1899 in Movies

Movie reviews for movies (very short films) made in 1899. Dates as per IMDB.


1. “The Pillar of Fire,” directed by Georges Melies (10/10)

Another extraordinarily early colour film. This time with a plot! Extraordinary.


2. “Cinderella,” directed by Georges Melies (9/10)

Yet another early colorized film. Ingenious again.


3. “The Devil in a Convent,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

Some neat shots and, again, the tricks are used to an actual purpose.


4. “The Conjurer,” directed by George Melies (7/10)

More magic tricks.


5. “The Mysterious Portrait,” directed by Georges Melies (7/10)

More like his earlier films than the most recent ones. Some neat tricks, but still…


6. “After the Ball,” directed by Georges Melies (7/10)

Film of a woman being undressed by her wait staff. (It’s a comedy.)


7. “Dreyfus Court Martial – Arrest of Dreyfus” / “Devil’s Island / Within the Palisade” / “Dreyfus Put in Irons” / “Suicide of Colonel Henry” / “Landing of Dreyfus at Quiberon” / “Dreyfus meets his Wife at Rennes” / “The Attempt Against the Life of Maitre Labori” / “The Fight of the Reporters” / “The Court Martial at Rennes”  (1899, Georges Melies) (6/10)

A series of 1-minute films on the Dreyfus Affair. The most political of Melies’ movies to date, the most ambitious project he had yet undertaken, as well as the least interesting (sorry to say).


8. “The Mysterious Knight,” directed by Georges Melies (6/10)

More of his magic tricks. Essentially the same film as “Mysterious Portrait.”