Though it may seem like the world is full of different, competing ideologies, there are really only three categories of ideology in the modern world, and every new ideology is really some new (or not so new) combination of the three categories. The three categories are:

  • liberalism
  • conservativism
  • socialism.


The world is a neutral place, possibly a good one. It exists for human benefit and it is the job of humans to overcome its (perceived) limitations.

Human beings are fundamentally good. Bad/immoral/amoral behaviour can be explained by access to opportunities: people with no opportunity to succeed or few opportunities often end up committing crimes whereas those with too much access too opportunity inevitability abuse it.

Morality can be modernized to reflect reality; punishment should be in proportion.

Economic freedom is economically beneficial and politically necessary.

I am concerned for the fate of the hypothetical citizen. Laws and policies must be tailored to benefit him, for then they benefit us all.

Utopia is everyone is given equal opportunity to exploit the world’s resources.

Utopia can be achieved through law and policy.


The world is an evil place and must be endured.

Human beings fall into three categories: there are a few truly good humans but they are extremely rare, there are a few more truly evil human beings, but most of us are just struggling to be as good as possible in this bad world. The immoral/amoral are usually those who either have been exposed to too much evil or those who have never known my morality, though occasionally the immoral/amoral are irredeemable because they are among the truly evil.

Morality is necessary for any society. My morality is the best morality.

Economic freedom is dangerous as it promotes social freedom and abnormality and leads to crime.

I am concerned for my family, my friends and my community. Laws and policies must be tailored to us, because we are the ones who matter.

Utopia is not possible, but the best we can do in the meantime is to create the most moral state possible, so as many of us as possible can avoid eternal damnation.

Utopia cannot be achieved, we must wait for heaven. But we should still do the best we can we are saved/damned.


The world is a fundamentally good place and only looks bad because of history.

Human beings are fundamentally good. The reason crime exists is because a lack of equality of result. Too few successes and people must resort crime. Too much success and the successful lose touch with the average person and exploit them without realizing it.

Morality is a function of power existing power relationships; solve the power relationships and you will solve all moral problems.

I am concerned both the hypothetical citizen and for everyone I know. There are no conflicts between these concerns.

Utopia is when we are all equal in terms of result.

Utopia must be created, with force if necessary.

Please note that these are the “classic” ideologies and our modern ideologies combine these three. For example, “modern” liberalism is a combination of liberalism and socialism, whereas neo-conservativsm combines aspects of all three.