1880 in Music

Music reviews I’ve written for music published in 1880.

1. Gabriel Faure: Nocturne No. 2 in B major, Op. 33 (8/10)

The second nocturne begins with beautiful movement that seemingly falls away to a far more vigorous and dramatic movement, only to seemingly meld the two tempi. It’s pretty great.

2. Antonin Dvorak: Violin Sonata in F major (7/10)

Dvorak’s violin sonata is not one of the main works for the instrument and I guess that’s a combination of a lack of memorable melody and the general conservativeness of the work compared to what came later. It really is a pleasing piece, but I understand why people don’t really remember it.

3. Gabriel Faure: Barcarole No. 1 in A minor, Op. 26 (6/10)

This is a pleasant piece that is apparently quite traditional in its style early on but gets more complicated. Not knowing the form, I can’t speak to that. It does sound quite traditional to my ears, but it’s pleasant.

4. Claude Debussy: Danse bohémienne (6/10)

This is one of Debussy’s earliest piano pieces. It is quite traditional.

Gabriel Faure: Romances sans paroles, Op 17 (5/10)

Written 17 years earlier than they were published, some people have dismissed these pieces as juvenilia and it is easy to see why. Though there are maybe hints of Faure’s later style, it’s sort of hard to hear in these pieces.

Gabriel Faure: Elegie (???/10)

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