1948 in Music

Music reviews for music released in 1948.


1. Billie Holiday: “I Loves you Porgy”

Her cover of perhaps the most famous song from Porgy and Bess. A stripped down band this time. Though I don’t know it well enough, this might be the definitive version.


1. Billie Holiday: “My Man (Mon Homme)”

Another stripped down track (the flip-side, I believe); I must say I prefer Holiday without the orchestra. Feels much more like vocal jazz than pop.


3. Peter Mennim: Symphony #4 (7/10)

Mennim I don’t know. He is from the more conservative stream of 20th century music, but this symphony (#4) is certainly inventive enough to hold my attention. I don’t know if it qualifies as ‘neo-classical’ as it feels a little strained at times, but it’s decent enough. Certainly it is easy to understand why I had never heard of him before but it’s pleasant enough.


Benny Carter and His Orchestra: “Isn’t it Romantic?” (???/10)

Benny Carter and His Orchestra: “Key Largo” (???/10)

Miles Davis Band: “Budo” [fragment from radio broadcast] (??/10) [one complete, one incomplete]

Miles Davis Band: “Birth of the Cool Theme” [radio broadcast] (??/10)

Miles Davis Band: “Darn that Dream” [radio broadcast] (??/10)

Miles Davis Band: “Godchild” [radio broadcast] (??/10)

Miles Davis Band: “Moon Dreams” [radio broadcast] (??/10) [two versions]

Miles Davis Band: “Move” [radio broadcast] (??/10) [two versions]

Miles Davis Band: “S’il Vous Plait” [radio broadcast] (??/10)

Miles Davis Band: “Why Do I Love You?” [radio broadcast] (??/10)

Miles Davis Quintet: “Chasin’ the Bird” (??/10) [live??]

Miles Davis Quintet: “52nd Street Theme” (??/10) [live??]

Miles Davis Quintet: Half Nelson” (??/10) [live??]

Miles Davis: “You Go to My Head” (??/10) [live]

Charlie Parker All Stars: “Merry-Go-Round” (??/10)

Charlie Parker All Stars: “Steeple Chase” (??/10)

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