1959 in Music

My music reviews for music released in 1959 Aka The Year of Jazz, or The Year Jazz Changed, or something profound like that.


1. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (10/10)


2. The Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out (10/10)


2. Ornette Coleman: The Shape of Jazz to Come (10/10)


4. Charles Mingus: Mingus Ah Um (10/10)


5. Bernard Herrmann: North by Northwest (8/10)

Read the review.


Not Ranked: New Symphony Orchestra of London, Alexander Gibson: Witches’ Brew (6/10)

This is one of those “Spooky classical” things that is generally entertaining but hardly anything more. Read the rest of the review.



1. Buddy Holly: “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” b/w “Raining in My Heart” (9/10)

Holly’s pop makeover shouldn’t work. It’s too over-the- top. But Holly is too good a performer to be dominated by the stupid string arrangement. And Paul Anka wrote a great song. (I never thought I’d say that, by the way.)

The b-side is less effective.


2. B.B. King: “Mean Old Frisco” (9/10)

This is is a super up-tempo blues with a really long instrumental beginning and just a great saxophone solo in the middle.


3. Ray Charles: “What’d I Say (Part 1)” (9/10)

A really early use of the electric piano propels this. There’s a vaguely Latin beat to it too. It’s pretty iconic. And the crowd noise is a nice touch.


4. Buddy Holly: “Peggy Sue Got Married” b/w “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” (8/10)

Two songs Holly recorded right before his death, they were spruced up by sessions musicians, which probably wasn’t necessary. The surf guitar on the a-side is a neat twist, though. And there’s a similarly odd (for this era) guitar part on the b-side.


James Brown: “Good Good Lovin'” (??/10)

Bo Diddley: “Crackin’ Up” (??/10)

Bo Diddley: “Say Man” (??/10)

Bo Diddley: “The Story of Bo Diddley” (??/10)

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