When I grew up my favourite movie was Dr. Strangelove. I have since abandoned the idea of a favourite movie. Instead, I have movies that stay with me for a while, and of course there are movies I could watch seemingly endlessly without getting tired. Those tend to change fairly frequently, partly since I watch so many movies. And then there are “great” movies, which are not necessarily favourite films. Sometimes I think a movie is great but I have no desire to watch it again.

I have been writing reviews since my early 20s but probably didn’t start consistently writing reviews until my mid 20s. Most of those I wrote on, which has unfortunately been shut down, and we’ve lost all the data, including many (though not all) of the reviews I wrote on that site. I saved some, the rest I have tried to guess at. Most of the reviews I have written in the last decade or so have also been on my blog. They are collected here by year of theatrical or streaming release. The seriousness of the review likely depends both upon my age when I wrote it and my mood at the time.

Here are my movie reviews by year of release to theatres or, in terms of recent movies, directly to streaming in some cases:

Click on the year for the movie reviews for the given year.

Here is a guide to my rating system:

  1. Transcendentally awful – one of the worst movies ever made
  2. Awful – mostly incompetent but not one of the worst movies ever
  3. Bad – incompetent in many ways but with the odd redeeming aspect
  4. Below Average – worse than the average movie of its type, but not terrible
  5. Average – capably made but with nothing special about it (but I also use this for films that are interesting messes)
  6. Above Average – better than the average movie of its genre
  7. Good – worth your time but not one of the best movies of the year
  8. Very Good – definitely worth your time and likely among the best movies of a given year
  9. Great: Near-Perfect or Near-Transcendent – good and important, among the best of the year and the second tier of important movies of a given decade
  10. Perfect and/or Transcendent – one of the great movies of a given decade

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