1921 in Movies

Movie reviews for movies released theatrically in 1921.


1. The Kid, directed by Charlie Chaplin (9/10)

I believe this is Chaplin’s first feature as director. It is certainly not on the level of some of his later films, but it is still a pretty remarkable achievement for film comedy – and staging in general – for the early ’20s.



1. “The Boat,” directed by Eddie Cline and Buster Keaton (8/10)

Extraordinarily inventive given the limitations of the set-piece.


2. “The ‘High Sign,” directed by Eddie Cline, Buster Keaton (8/10)

Though I’ve seen these gags before, here they are combined pretty damn well.


3. “The Soul of Cypress,” directed by Dudley Murphy (7/10)

I watched this as part of an anthology of early American radical cinema. Unfortunately I did not record my thoughts at the time, and so I can only attempt to stand by the rating.