Music in 2021

I really haven’t been listening to much new music lately, so there’s very little to mention in terms of 2021 albums I’ve listened to.

1. The Bob’s Burgers Music Album Vol. 2 (8/10)

I love the music from this show. Read the review of The Bob’s Burgers Music album Vol. 2.

2. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: G_d’s Pee at STATE’s END! (7/10)

The bloom is off the rose. Read the review of G_d’s Pee at STATE’s END!

And read my reviews of all other GY!BE albums here, where you can see how silly I got in the past.

3. Tomahawk: Tonic Immobility (6/10)

My least favourite of their albums. (And they’re one of my favourite bands of the 21st century.) But I haven’t listened to it enough. Read the review of Tonic Immobility.

4. Glutenhead: Palmerston (6/10)

Fine psychedelic chamber-folk. Read the review of Palmerston.