1929 in Movies

Movie reviews for movies released theatrically in 1929.


1. Man with a Camera, directed by Dziga Vertov (10/10)

This is far and away the most innovative silent film I’ve seen. It’s a little short on everything else beyond camera tricks, but who cares? The only problem I have with it is the ridiculously pretentious opening credits, which make you want to hate the movie before it’s even started. However, it’s so crazy, I couldn’t stay mad at it for very long. Wowza.


2. Arsenal, directed by Aleksander Dovshenko (9/10)

Read the review.


3. The Box of Pandora, directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst (8/10)

I believe I watched this as part of an anthology years ago and so my thoughts aren’t so clear on it.


4. Blackmail, directed by Alfred Hitchcock (7/10)

Hitchcock hadn’t really perfected his style yet, but this is decent.