1943 in Movies

1. Le Corbeau, directed by Henri-George Clouzot (10/10)

One of the greatest movies of the ’40s, and all the more incredible given the circumstances it was made under. This is an absolute must-see. I can’t stress it enough.

2. The Ox-Bow Incident, directed by William A. Wellman (10/10)

Probably my favourite Production Code era western. It has been forgotten somewhat by people determined to elevate Stagecoach and High Noon and other such movies.

3. Shadow of a Doubt, directed by Alfred Hitchock (8/10)

A personal favourite, even though it’s far from his best.

4. Heaven Can Wait, directed by Ernst Lubtisch (4/10)

It’s only intermittently funny (though there are gags throughout), it’s preposterous (even if Hell existed, Satan as a concierge? Seriously?), it’s so…I mean, everyone is rich and spoiled and ridiculous. I don’t know how this is a classic. And it just goes to show you what a crock the Oscars are when this is the kind of fluff that got nominated. Dreck, even if it looks nice.


5. I Walked with a Zombie, directed by Jacques Tourneur (4/10)

A zombie film before the “zombie plague” had become mandatory for zombie films. Zombies are not scary by themselves (if they ever are).

6. Gung-Ho, directed by Ray Enright (4/10)


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