1900 in Movies

Movie reviews for movies (short films) made during 1900. Dates as per IMDB.


1. “Joan of Arc,” directed by Georges Melies (10/10)

A 10-minute colorized film unlike anything else made at the time. A true landmark. The first “epic.”


2. “Davey Jones’ Locker” [no director listed] (9/10)

Didn’t write an individual review when I saw this in an anthology of early American cinema.


3. “The Cook’s Revenge,” directed by Georges Melies (9/10)

Some of the same tricks as before, but used to more comedic effect than in, say, “Four Heads” or the portrait/knight films.


4. “Scene from the Elevator Ascending Eiffel Tower,” directed by James H. White (9/10)

Another film I watched as part of an anthology and forgot to write individual reviews. I believe this is the first instance of a camera moving by elevator.


5. “Fat and Lean Wrestling Match,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

Melies uses one of his favourite tricks but the production values are better and the gags are more inventive.


6. “The Rajah’s Dream,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

More of Melies’ trick shots, some of which inspired Buster Keaton.


7. “The Magic Book,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

“The Mysterious Portrait” taken to its logical conclusion – much better than that film.


8. “The One-Man Band,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

Melies duplicates himself to play a band. And then they all recombine.


9. “Addition and Subtraction,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

The version I saw was in bad shape, but this is a good little summary of his tricks.


10. “The Triple Conjurer and the Living Head,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

In this film, Melies combines two of his favourite tricks.


11. “The Wizard, The Prince and the Good Fairy,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

Same old tricks at this point, but he production values are getting better.


12. “Eiffel Tower from Trocadero Palace,” directed by James H. White (8/10)

More Eiffel Tower work from James White. No review.


13. “A fantastical meal,” directed by Georges Melies (8/10)

Another goofy set piece.


14. “How He Missed his Train,” directed by Georges Melies (7/10)

Similar jokes to previous films, but this one is a little more creative, and it’s really brief.


15. “Up-to-date Spiritualism,” directed by Georges Melies (7/10)

More magic tricks.


16. “Champs de Mars,” directed by James H. White (7/10)

More of Paris from White. No review.


17. “Neptune’s Daughters” [no director listed] (7/10)

I believe a girl dances with weird colours but I don’t remember.


18. “A Nymph of the Waves” [no director listed] (7/10)

Don’t remember this one.


18. “The Christmas Dream,” directed by Georges Melies (7/10)

More whimsical than usual. That’s not a good thing.


19.“Going to Bed Under Difficulties,” Georges Melies (6/10)

By this time, Melies has done this ‘one man getting frustrated by his haunted room’ gag more than a few times…


20. “Eight Girls in a Barrel,” directed by Georges Melies (6/10)

Fairly routine stuff for Melies.


21. “The Doctor and the Monkey,” directed by Georges Melies (6/10)

More of a slapstick film than the usual Melies magic. Had someone else made it, I might have been more impressed. But this is kind of below him.


22. The Misfortunes of an Explorer,” directed by George Melies (5/10)

Extraordinarily brief gag.