1945 in Music

Music reviews for music originally released by 1945.


1. Bernard Herrmann: Hangover Square (7/10)

The music for Hangover Square is pretty classic Hollywood noir, even if the first three pieces have been re-arranged. It would be interesting to hear the originals, but I guess I’ll just have to watch the movie. It’s pretty obvious from this early stage that Herrmann had a hand for the medium.  There’s nothing as radical or iconic as his later stuff, but it’s still full of effective mood music. And it manages to both let the listener know what the film is like and also stand alone as music I might want to listen to (especially the concerto).


2. Sidney Bechet: “Save it, Pretty Mama” (7/10)

This has more of a pronounced “swing” sound than the other Bechet track I’ve heard so far, though it is a ballad and though it is still a really small group for the standards of the time. Hines is particularly on, albeit playing very conventional piano for the era.


3. Billie Holiday: “Don’t Explain”

The orchestration for this one is more Romantic or Cinematic than jazzy, which is a change. Another fine performance on her part.


Benny Carter and His Orchestra: “Malibu” / “I Surrender, Dear” (???/10)

Charlie Parker’s Ree Boppers: “Billie’s Bounce” / “Now’s the Time” (??/10)

(Also “Thriving on a Riff” was recorded but not released)