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Riley Drives from Portland to San Francisco Day 9 Sunday May 21, 2023

The Bay to Breakers was today. Something we were totally unaware of. We asked about how early we should leave and we were told it could take at least an hour to get to the airport with the road closures, even that early in the morning. So we left extra early.

The warnings about the road closures turned out to be totally unfounded. We made it to the airport in something like 20 minutes. Security was different here than at other airports, because. But it was reasonably quick.

At the airport we wandered around for a while and then we had a fairly typical sit-down airport breakfast. We were early so we just took our time.

We had individual TVs on the way home, fortunately. So I watched Black Adam. And then most of The Hunt for the Red October for the nth time.

We got through customs pretty quickly but then had to wait 45 minutes for our luggage. We haven’t had issues with security or customs or getting stuck on the tarmac lately but we do same to have to wait for our luggage at Pearson.

When we got home we ate sushi. I couldn’t omit that important detail.

I haven’t had a road trip like that in some time. It was a lot of fun and a great way to experience that part of the United States.

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