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Riley Goes to Saskatchewan Day 2 – Saturday June 3, 2017 Saskatoon

We woke up pretty damn early on account of the time change and headed over to the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market probably not much longer after it opened. We wandered around, looked at the vendors, and had some snacks. We had not very good (too dense) scones and an absolutely amazing croissant. It was so good we went back and bought another for later.

Then we headed to a very nice but expensive bakery in the now gentrifying bad part of town for more food and drinks.

That afternoon we went to Jenn’s friends place for a drink and then headed to 9 Mile for some flights. The beer was alright – nothing to get excited about but average to above average on the whole – but the food was great.

Everyone else went for coffee on account of the beer and then we went back to the hotel to swim and watch the Food Network. (We were up early again and it was really hot again, so we needed a siesta.)

For dinner we went to a pretty tacky looking Mexican restaurant (party themed) that had excellent Mexican food, Las Palapas Resort Grill.

Following the excellent meal, we had some pretty great ice cream across the street at Homestead Ice Cream.

We missed the hockey game because of the time change.

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