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Riley Goes to Saskatchewan Day 3 – Sunday June 4, 2017 Saskatoon to Yorkton

This morning we woke up early again and went to the Park Cafe Diner in the formerly bad part of downtown. It was a solid diner breakfast and I got to try a kind of bacon I’ve never had before: schinkenspeck.

After that, we went to the Farmer’s Market but it doesn’t open until 10AM on Sundays so we went to wander back to our hotel. Everything was closed, including the coffee shops.

We went back to the Farmer’s Market once it opened to buy a pie to take to Jenn’s parents, and a few other things, including something called Kuchen, which I now want to make. (Kuchen is just German for cake, but this was basically a sweet dough with fruit on it.) Also, homemade fig newtons!

We then cabbed to the airport to pick up our rental car.

Once we had the car, we headed to Paddockwood Brewery to see if we could purchase some of their Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts I’d been told about at Winston’s the other night. Unfortunately they were closed. So we headed to Yorkton.

It is a bit of a drive to Yorkton:

We had been hearing so much about the drought in Saskatchewan but were surprised to see most of the sloughs overflowing with water. We later learned that much of this water was unusable, such as the Quill Lakes, which are brackish apparently.

We stopped at Dafoe (pronounced Day-Fo) for a drink and snack.

Once in Yorkton we stopped at the liquor store, which was larger than I suspected. We found a Central City taster pack to commemorate the 150th birthday of Canada, with a collaboration with a brewery in every province and 2 of the 3 territories  (i.e. 12 distinct beers). Most of the beers were just alright – a couple were great – but I really like the idea and hope that other breweries try something like this in the future.

We met the in-laws at the grocery store down the street and did some shopping. Then we headed out to the farm.

The GF had told me many times about the isolation she grew up in but I never really appreciated it until I got to the farm. The farm is a ways from Yorkton – 20 minute drive including gravel roads – and the closest “community” to it is only homes, no stores of any kind. (In fact, they never go there.)

For dinner, we went to the Yorkton casino and I had an average Cordon Bleu. Then we gambled for a while. Well, they did, and I watched the Cavs-Warriors game as much as I could.

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