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Riley Goes to Vietnam Day 1: Saturday September 21, 2019

We left on the last flight from the airport (or at least the terminal) for Friday, leaving at 1:45AM. I didn’t know flights were allowed to leave that late and on the way to my airport my mom and I had a conversation about how we thought there was a bylaw preventing flights from leaving that late. Evidently not. Anyway, it’s quite something to depart the airport with basically nobody but cleaning staff left in the terminal.

Due to the nature of traveling west over the international dateline, this day was basically lost to us completely. We left extremely early in the morning but didn’t land in Hong Kong until Sunday.

We flew over the Arctic, which is something I didn’t know was going to happen. I assumed we would fly out west and then across the Pacific, but this must be faster. Our route was nearly directly over the North Pole and down through Russia and China.

We flew Cathay Pacific, an airline I’ve heard many nice things about. And, for the most part, the 15 hour flight was about as good as a 15 hour flight could be – we booked bulkhead seats so we had leg room for days and there were an absolute ton of movies on the entertainment system. Better yet, we both slept for at least a third of the flight – though it was terrible airplane sleep – so it didn’t seem so bad.

However, it was the coldest plane I think I have ever been on in my life and I was borderline shivering at times. There were all these Chinese people wearing winter coats and at the beginning of the flight I thought they were insane and by the end I was thinking how smart they were.

Because I slept so much I only watched two movies on this flight, which I have reviewed on the site:

Otherwise nothing much to report about our “first” day traveling to Southeast Asia.

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