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Riley Goes to Mexico City October 2018

So I went to Mexico City over the weekend. The Formula 1 Grand Prix was on Sunday October 28 and we went to see it but also because neither of us have ever been to Mexico City and I’ve only been to anywhere in Mexico once previously, nearly 20 years ago.

That experience, in March of 2000, was with my parents and was not one that was particularly memorable for me; we stayed at an all-inclusive and I was recovering from a knee injury, so I didn’t see much of the actual country of Mexico.

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. It’s not quite as large as I thought it was, as it’s in the Top 10 in terms of the population of its metro area, rather than 2nd, which I thought it was (and which I believe it once was). Depending upon how you draw the boundaries, it is either the largest or second largest city I’ve ever been to. (New York City has a larger “urban” area but not as a large a “metro” area.) It is large and there’s nothing I can say to convey how large it is. It is somehow, not as big as a bunch of other cities (most of which are in Asia).

As you would imagine, four nights is not enough time to see such a large city, especially given we planned to see both Qualifying and the actual F1 race, so you should not be surprised that I didn’t tick off all the major landmarks. We saw stuff – we were very busy – but we didn’t begin to exhaust the seemingly limitless things to do in Mexico City. In that sense, it’s much like New York City.

As usual, you will find the trip posts below as I update them:

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