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Riley Goes to Saskatchewan Day 8 – Friday June 9, 2017 Moose Jaw and Regina

On this morning we made a ridiculously heavy biscuits and gravy breakfast that we made once before this year (albeit with a few minor alterations). It’s great stuff, but it’s very, very heavy.

Once we had eaten breakfast we packed and were off for Regina. However, we decided to go to Moose Jaw instead, because I really liked it the last time I was there.

So we headed off through Melville (getting some smoothies at Tim Horton’s because: rural Canada) and driving to Fort Qu’Appelle, a resort town where we got gas. We drove to Regina, stopped in the London Drugs so Jenn could get some makeup, and then headed to Moose Jaw.

In Moose Jaw, we drove downtown and wandered around the downtown. Moose Jaw is like few other cities I’ve been too in Canada: most of its historic downtown has been preserved, giving it the feel of a town from another time. I have now been there twice and cannot recommend it enough if you are ever in south central Saskatchewan. This is a town with character.

However, that character is gentrifying. Things have changed in 11 years. Example: we bought some way-too-expensive mead at a meadery. Also, there were clothing and coffee shops I don’t remember seeing last time I was there.

We stopped in for food at a diner and again had humble diner food which was quite good.

There’s not much to do beyond wandering around the downtown so we left soon after. I did the infamous “Tunnels of Moose Jaw” last time and there’s nothing to see.

We then headed back to Regina.

In Regina, we took a walk around Wascana Lake, the central “natural” feature of downtown Regina (it’s made from a dam in the creek), and visited the Legislature.

For dinner we went to a place called Crave. I had an okay steak tartare and then we had to wait forever for our meal. Fortunately, my duck was good and the roast vegetables it came with were outstanding.

After dinner we went to O’Hanlon’s for beer. It seems to be a bit of an institution. Though not as insanely busy as it is normally (so I’ve been told) it was still pretty busy. They had an insane deal on where I got to drink very cheap pints of IPA. Unfortunately I drank too much.

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