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2018, Movies

Screwball (2018, Billy Corben)

If I could describe this documentary about Biogenesis and Alex Rodriguez in one word, it would be “glib.” This is one of the glibbest documentaries I’ve ever seen. On the one hand, that makes for a pretty funny movie. On the other hand, the style is very over the top and the filmmakers appear to …

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The Art of Fielding (2011) by Chad Harbach

This is an excellent debut novel, featuring a richly constructed world and (mostly) believable characters. It works as both a baseball novel and a college novel. It has been a long time since I cared about characters this much.

2014, Baseball, Movies

The Battered Bastards of Baseball (2014, Chapman Way, Maclain Way)

This is a sub-30 for 30 quality sports documentary (or low end 30 for 30) that makes up for its lack of film quality with the incredible story of the Portland Mavericks, possibly the most popular single A team of all time and the only independent baseball team of its era.

1989, Books, Non-Fiction

Summer of 49 (1989) by David Halberstam

I am not a Yankees fan or a Sox fan but I am a fan of The Breaks of the Game, probably the best book I have ever read about sports. Summer of 49  is not on that level, but, for someone like me who was not alive during the summer of 1949, and who was …

1994, TV

Baseball (1994, 2010 Ken Burns, Lynn Novick)

Burns and co.’s constant mythologizing is a lot more appropriate here than it was in The Civil War, and as such I feel like this effort is the more successful one, despite the greater historical importance of the first series. And to their credit, they only mythologize about certain things: for examples, the game’s ludicrous …

2012, Sports

Rogers Telecommunications

Rogers wants me to like them on facebook because I am a fan of the Blue Jays… Why would I do that? They keep people from expressing themselves (no swearing at the Dome, as kids’ ears might explode). They kick fans out for getting a little too drunk. They told some guy to take off …

2011, Sports

Boston’s Golden Age: Enjoy it while it lasts

So Boston appears to be going through a golden age in sports. In the last ten years or so every Boston team in the major sports has one at least one title. I can’t say that I hate that fact, though I don’t like it. I hate the Red Sox (not as much as the …

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Belated Baseball Quarter Season Awards

AL MVP: Bautista: .370 AVG (1st), .516 OBP (1st), 44 hits (tied 15th), 35 Runs (1st), 16 homers (1st), 27 RBI (tied 8th), 35 walks (1st)   AL Cy Young: Cahill: 6-1 (tied for first in wins, 3rd in %age), 1.82 ERA (2nd), 1.163 WHIP (14th) But there are lots of contenders at this point. …

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Skankies lost again! Hooray. Arod’s a monumental dick, but I knew that already. But my real concern is some ads during the games. Emerald Nuts’ ads to be precise. This is the best ad campaign I’ve seen in ages. “Entangle nine year olds…Egyptian navigators…envious nomads…” etc “love Emerald Nuts.” Oh, it’s just brilliant. And I …

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My All-Time Defense Team for Baseball

P: Walter Johnson? C: Pudge? 1B: Don Mattingly?? 2B: O-Dawg! Just kidding: Eddie Collins SS: Ozzie 3B: Robinson according to my dad LF: Brian Downing?!? C: Devon White…kidding RF: Jess Barfield! Again, kidding. Closer: Riveira So much less sure about this. No idea really. The only person I’m totally serious about is Ozzie. That’s it.


Personal Sports Hierarchies

I regularly wonder why tv and league executives make the programming decisions they do. For example, the baseball game today is at 8, and there is no other baseball throughout the day. That is awfully late for a “weeknight,” especially given how late last night’s game went (not that I’m predicting another 13-inning contest). The …

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Denial: It never happened. There’s no way they traded Doc. Anger: Science dammit! I can’t believe they traded Halladay! What a terrible idea. Fear: How are the Jays going to win any games next year? Are these prospects really any good? Are they ever making the playoffs in the AL East ever again? Bargaining: We …

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The Toronto Sports Media Strikes Again

Our beloved sports media (specifically the Star) cannot hold a consistent position on anything, it seems. Obviously, the best example of this is Damien Cox and his endlessly wavering positions on everything. (Currently, this fixation is the Bettman-Balsillie affair: one day Bettman and the league are in the right, the next Balsillie is, and so …

2007, Baseball, Sports

It would be nice if there were a god

Because at least that way Bonds would be punished. But that’s not happening. So instead, we have to sit here and think: well even if Barry has the official record (as of whenever he hits the next one), we all know that Aaron is the man, and Barry can’t ever take that away from him. …

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O-Dawg Gold Glove

Ok, Orlando Hudson should win the Gold Glove at second base. How can anyone debate this? He made 3-4 ridiculous plays JUST tonight. He’s ridiculous. Just ri-damn-diculous. Incidentally Hillenbrand also had really awesome defensive play that looked better just because he spun around in the air. However, if I am showing home team bias, please …

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Please stop choking!

I’m listening to the Cards choke right now. It’s painful. Fuck!!! Apparently Jeff Suppan displayed one of the worst base running performances in world series history. I didn’t actually get to watch (TV is in use, and really, I’ve been hogging it for weeks to watch Baseball so it’s about time I let someone else …

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World Series

So there’s a conundrum…Bosox or Cards. I.e. Walker, Edmons, Renteirea, Womack vs. Schilling, Menkievich, Cabrerra and the end of the curse (I know my spelling’s off, get over it) I think I’ll have to go with the Cards just cuz I picked them and the Twinkies to be in the series. And Walker’s Canadianess counts …