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The Toronto sports media don’t like it when Toronto has star players. This is becoming increasingly evident.

Last year, they forced out a star who liked it here. But he wouldn’t go on their terms. He went on his own, which arguably hurt the team. Without the media badgering him, would he have gone at all? Maybe, we will never know.

Now, they want to trade Halladay. Halladay likes it here. The Jays won’t trade Halladay. But in a while, Halladay won’t like it here, because of the media demanding a trade. He will leave on his own terms, probably hurting the team.

Mark my words, if the Raps don’t win a championship soon after Bosh re-signs, the media will be demanding that the Raps trade him, as it’s supposedly only fair to him.

What happened to stars staying with their teams throughout their careers, regardless of championships? What happened to managerial accountability? Is it the Stars’ faults they are surrounded with inadequate support? Why do the members of the media believe that Toronto fans do not deserve stars who like it in Toronto? What kind of stars do we deserve? Ones that wish to leave? No stars? Should the be constantly rebuilding and trading away star players whenever it seems they can’t win a championship this year? Should every TO sports team model themselves after the Montreal Expos? That’s what it seems like they’re saying to me.

There is another solution. When the teams fail to perform, don’t blame the stars (unless they pull a VC, or something like that…but if the star wants to play here and is playing well, like Mats, Halladay, Bosh, then don’t blame them). Blame the GMs, blame the coaches maybe. If the stars want to stay despite under-performing teams, make them feel welcome. The ones who should be accountable first are the bad GMs who seems to flock to Toronto for some reason.

In demanding to trade Sundin and Halladay, and in the future demanding to trade Bosh (trust me), the Toronto sports media are participating in a very Canadian tradition: Canada is not worthy of Canadian (and Swedish and American, apparently) talent: you must seek your success in the States. Well, that’s nonsense. Let’s actually encourage these great players to stay here to actually give fans something to be happy about.

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