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The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: 2010 Off-season Trade Rumours

So today there is a column in the Star today suggesting that Leafs are trying to trade for three players:

  • Dan Hamhuis
  • Patrick Sharp
  • Nathan Horton

[Editor’s note: I have no idea why I once thought that this post belonged in my “Campaign” to get Burke fired. He didn’t do any of this. Sorry.]

I think, this is interesting; maybe there’s truth to it even though Damien Cox wrote it and I really should ignore him because he’s a columnist not a journalist with, you know, actual sources.

  • Hamhuis, of course, was traded this afternoon to Philly. So he was wrong about that one. That’s a big surprise.
  • Patrick Sharp would be a nice complimentary piece, but complimentary to what? What core would he support? No idea.
  • Nathan Horton: Aside from why Damien Cox thinks the Leafs would get Nathan Horton for something reasonable – I am not including the 2011 first rounder as part of anything reasonable…if Burke does that I might go postal – why would the Leafs trade for Nathan Horton? Reasons not to:
    • his peak was in ’07 – in a contract year – since he signed the contract he has matched that point total once and never met it again;
    • this is a guy who has yet to live up to his potential after all he was drafted 3rd overall and the best he’s ever done is 31 goals, 62 points (now there is a 60-point scorer who was drafted really high who was worth it, but he won a gold medal and a Stanley cup in the same year and plays defence so that sort of nullifies the low regular season numbers);
    • he is about to get a no-trade clause and as we know the Leafs have had very bad experiences with those.

Why acquire this guy? Because he’s from the Niagara area? Fucking 15% of the league is probably from the GTA, does that mean the Leafs should sign all of them? Terrible argument.

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