Gaspe Day 2: Saturday August 7

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12PM? 1 PM? 3 hour hike. 1 roll of film. 282 metres? + a tower. Took the roundabout way to the tower (clockwise, most appear to go counter-clockwise). Did the full loop but it is a less extreme climb. 6.5 km I think. I need to drink more water. I am going over to the south side. I have to drive because to hike over would have taken all day and I probably wouldn’t have made it back by nightfall. From here to Cap Gaspe it is 9.2 km. So I take that back. I would make it back but Read More

Riley can’t wait for NHL/NBA to start apparently so

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If I could build a team around any player in the NHL, who would it be? Centre: Crosby, obviously, with an honourable mention to Datsyuk LW: Ovechkin, obviously RW: I have no idea. The highest goal scoring RW last year was Gaborik. The highest point total for a RW last year was St. Louis. I like neither. I have no idea. Not Rick Nash. LD: Keith, no question…and if I had to pick any player with no requirement of position it would be him RD: Weber, no question If I could build a team around any player in the NBA, Read More

Gaspe Journal: Friday August 6

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Once again I feel like a foreigner in my own country. My inability / unwillingness to (re?) learn French makes me feel and act differently than I do in all other parts of Canada. I should just try to pass myself off as an American (which is only mostly a lie). I have forgotten a couple of key things: a water jug, a lamp, scissors [actually didn’t forget the scissors]. I couldn’t light a fire tonight to eat dinner. I am exposed as a fraud or I am very, very tired. This drive was totally insane. I should have listened Read More

The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: Colby Armstrong

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The contract to Armstrong looks even better in the light of the Ponikarovsky and Frolov signings. They are all making the same amount of money next year and Armstrong, unlike the other two, has two more years at the same. Does it still seem like Burke got a good deal for Armstrong? Read More