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The Campaign to Fire Brian Burke: July 2011 Free Agency – to date

Failed to re-sign Irwin:

No opinion.

Failed to re-sign Hanson:

No problems there. It was a worthwhile chance and it didn’t work.

Failed to re-sign Brunnstrom:

So then why trade for him in the first place?

Re-signed Rosehill:


Re-signed Caputi:

Has done very little for the Leafs. But apparently he plays hard.

Failed to re-sign Voros:

See my post on Voros. What a retarded trade that was. Fuck, fire Burke right now.

Failed to re-sign Foster:

No opinion.

Failed to re-sign Richmond:

No opinion.

Failed to re-sign Boyce:

There are a lot like him.

Failed to re-sign Sjostrom:

So let me get this straight? If we hold on longer to guys we acquired in bad trades, does that make us the winner? Everyone is now crowing about how the Phaneuf deal was a win for the Leafs.

But now Sjostrom has been judged to be expendable…

Failed to re-sign the infamous Joey Crabb:

I’m sure I’ve said enough on this subject already.

Failed to re-sign Zigomanis:

No opinion.

Re-signed Scrivens:

Necessary now that Reimer has graduated.

Failed to re-sign Giguere:

The hope is that Gustavsson can be the backup.

Failed to re-sign Tim Brent:


Traded Lebda, Slaney and a conditional 2013 4th round pick to Nashville for Cody Franson and Lombardi:

Well, for once I must put my smirking aside and wonder aloud: how the fuck did he swing that?

It’s hard to know if Franson will become a great player, or even just a good one, as he played so-called “protected minutes” on the Preds, but he might be. Lombardi is hurt a lot but he’s a serviceable player.

For Lebda? who was exposed as being nowhere near as good as I thought. And an ECHLer?

How the hell? Nashville was fleeced. For not the first time (see this winter).

I say: way to go Brian! Nicely done. Wow.

Re-signed Greg Scott:

No opinion.

Re-signed Hamilton:

Well, I guess that is something.

Re-signed MacArthur:

Well, I wouldn’t have simply for the reason that I want the Leafs to tank this year. But with the aim of making the playoffs, this was very necessary. Very, very necessary. Though I really doubt he will have another career year for either of the next two. Put it differently: he won’t.

Signed Philippe “not Pascal” Dupuis:


Re-signed Bozak:

I hope he is more of a success at third line centre position, than at the #1.

Re-signed Matt Lashoff:


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