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Riley Goes to Colombia Day 13 – February 22, 2016

It was cool again this morning, probably as cool as the day before (so, relatively cool).

The hotel had a large breakfast buffet, probably the biggest we’d seen. It was quite nice, although it wasn’t particularly Colombian.

We took a cab and got to the airport relatively quickly, despite it being a weekday. I looked for a Botero mug at the airport but no such luck. Tons of other mugs, just no Botero.

We had to get exit visas to leave the country, which appeared to be a complete formality. Our flight to Panama was quick and then we had over 4 hours in the airport, as we had to choose between that and a 40 minute gap, and we wanted to play it safe. We went to what appeared to be the only bar in the entire airport – an Air Margaritaville – and had beers and nachos. To give you an idea of how affordable Colombia is (and how expensive the Panama City Airport is), the cost of 4 beers and a gigantic plate of nachos was about the same as our most expensive meal in Colombia.

Our flight back was so quick they didn’t have a gate ready for us, so we sat on the plane for what felt like half an hour. The CBSA had no interest in my liquor. Got home at about on the 23rd.

If it hasn’t been apparent from my posts, we had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We’d highly recommend Colombia to others, especially given the state of the Canadian dollar at the moment. Thanks for reading.

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