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2015-16 NBA Awards


Curry is

  • 20th in Minutes Played
  • 1st in Field Goals made
  • 2nd in Field Goal attempts
  • 1st in 3-pointers made
  • 1st in 3-pointer attempts
  • 15h in Free Throws made
  • 8th in Assists
  • 1st in Steals
  • 2nd in Points
  • 8th in 2-point FG%
  • 2nd in 3-point FG%
  • 1st in FT%
  • 1st in PPG
  • 10th in APG
  • 1st in SPG
  • 1st in PER
  • 1st in True Shooting %
  • 2nd in Effective FG%
  • 14th in Assist %
  • 4th in Steal %
  • 2nd in Usage Rate
  • 2nd in Offensive Rating
  • 1st in Offensive Win Shares
  • 10th in Defensive Win Shares
  • 1st in Win Shares
  • 1st in Win Shares Per 48
  • 1st in Box Plus Minus
  • 1st in Offensive Box Plus Minus
  • 1st in VORP

Also, Curry became only the 9th player in NBA history to shoot 50-40-90 and only the second player in NBA history to shoot 50-45-90.

Oh, and he was the best player on the best regular season team in the history of the NBA.

Rookie of the Year

Among rookies, Karl Anthony Towns is:

  • 1st in Games Started
  • 1st in Minutes
  • 1st in Field Goals
  • 1st in Field Goal attempts
  • 1st in 2-point Field Goals
  • 1st in 2-point Field Goal attempts
  • 17th in 3-pointers
  • 18th in 3-point attempts
  • 1st in Free Throws
  • 1st in Free Throw attempts
  • 1st in Offensive Rebounds
  • 1st in Defensive Rebounds
  • 1st in Rebounds
  • 9th in Assists
  • 7th in Steals
  • 1st in Blocks
  • 1st in Points
  • 1st in FG%
  • 1st in 2P%
  • 3rd in 3P%
  • 1st in eFG%
  • 3rd in FT%
  • 1st in TS%
  • 1st in Win Shares

Defensive Player of the Year

As I’ve said before, I think there should be separate guard/forward DPOYs but, since that’s a fantasy, I’ll go with the consensus: Leonard or Green.

Sixth Man of the Year

Tristan Thompson has started a lot of games so it feels weird but, until the rules change, I think he is the clear winner.

Most Improved Player

I have no opinion on this.

Coach of the Year

Luke Walton/Steve Kerr, if it’s possible for two people to win it for the same team.

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