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Turning Pro (2012) by Steven Pressfield

At this point, Pressfield has made a second writing career out of inspiring others to write. This is the third book of his I’ve read, and they get less effective each time I read a new one.

Why? Because basically they are all the same book. Pressfield is passionate about writing something that compels us to write, but he gives the same advice in each book, with only slight permutations (even quoting from The War of Art, the first of these books, here). You are much better off buying War of Art (or something you find more effective) and just re-reading that one book. I don’t know why we need 4 (or more) versions of the same book from the same author. And I don’t know why we need it packaged to look far more substantial than it actually is. (Actually, I do know why. So Steven Pressfield can sleep on a giant pile of money.)

5/10 because he’s still giving good advice for creative people, even if I’ve heard it twice before.

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