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Journal of the Pandemic Year: Day 50

Time has lost all meaning.

Sometimes it slows to a crawl.

Other times it moves so quickly I can’t believe it.

It feels like 6+ months since we went to North Carolina.

On the other hand I absolutely cannot believe that it it is going to be May on Friday. Where has the year gone?

I feel like I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done, though I completed both a “mini degree” and an introduction to CSS course.

I feel stuck in time, not just physical space. The weather, which never seems to get much warmer, exaggerates the feeling.

Could we at least have seasonal temperatures? On the other hand, seasonal temperatures will bring stupidity so…

I hope that the regions which have decided to open up are making the right decisions. I’m not sure that’s the case across the board. We’ll see in mid May, won’t we?

2 months in >>>

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