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Django & Django (2021, Luca Rea)

This is a brief documentary about the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Corbucci that really feels like it was meant to be a DVD extra or something. I haven’t gotten around to seeing any of Corbucci’s films yet, so watching it might have been an odd choice. But I watched it because Quentin Tarantino was in it.

There is, arguably, way too much Quentin Tarantino in this, though. Because, though it’s a documentary about this Italian director, it also sort of functions as a documentary about how Spaghetti Western’s influenced Tarantino’s films, specifically Django Unchained (duh) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. (Apparently there is a play of the latter, and he actually describes part of it to open the movie.) This makes it feel even more like a DVD extra.

But, I like when Tarantino talks about movies. It’s very clear he cares a lot about movies whenever he does. And it’s clear he cares a lot about Corbucci. (Perhaps more than anyone should reasonably care about this dude.) So that is definitely a virtue.

There is also an interview with a pretty famous Italian actor (I recognized his face from something, maybe John Wick 2.) And a director, whose name I didn’t recognize, but who is responsible for Cannibal Holocaust, among other things. Those interviews are less interesting to me.

But I added a few movies to my list, to watch at some point in the future. They may not be very good, but they should be interesting. And I used to absolutely love this genre of movies, despite not really watching any for some time.

So at least I found value in this, even if I had never seen any of Corbucci’s films. But it’s only for fans of Spaghetti Westerns or Tarantino. I can’t imagine it’s of interest for anyone else.


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