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Renfield (2023, Chris McKay)

I really like the premise of this film. It’s one of those ideas that feels like it should have been a movie already.

I like the fighting. It’s ridiculously over-the-top and just gets sillier. I also like how the characters are aware of how ridiculous the violence is, occasionally commenting on how impossible it is. This is one of the two great running gags in the film.

The other great running gag is how unbelievably corrupt NOPD is. They’re ridiculously corrupt to start and they just get worse and there’s just no acknowledgement. It’s a good gag.

Nicholas Cage is clearly enjoying himself. And he’s being less Nicholas Cage than normal, even though he’s hamming as usual. Everyone else is having fun but I gotta say I don’t love Awkwafina. I don’t think I’ve seen anything with her in it but I feel like I could imagine any number of other actresses in this role. I’m not sure if she brings anything.

My biggest issue with the movie, which I mostly liked, is a lack of jokes. I just don’t think there are enough of them, consistently throughout the movie. There are a bunch, but it feels as though it could have been punched up. I liked the running jokes but I need more in between. I just wanted to like it more than I did and I think I would have liked it more with more jokes.

But it was still fairly amusing.


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