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Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris (2023, Jamie Roberts)

This is a super processy documentary about a rather incredible burglar and the time he stole 5 famous paintings from the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris.

This documentary about this art heist goes into super great detail about how Tomic stole paintings from the museum. He walks us through exactly what he did and how. And the cops then walk us through exactly how they lucked into catching him. There’s a remarkable amount of candor and specificity. It’s really something and it makes for interesting viewing.

For me, the real highlight is the shots they got of either Tomic or a double walking around the roofs of Paris. Though nowhere near as stressful as Free Solo, these shots are still super tense if you don’t like heights and really do a good job of showing how impressive Tomic’s feats were outside of the museum heist. (He normally burgled rich people and usually entered from rooves, both utterly different from the museum heist.)

My only real nitpick is the brief aside about Tomic getting out and having a partner. I’m not really sure how that adds to the story of the heist or his incredible abilities to free climb med rise apartment buildings. I guess it’s supposed to humanize him but we hear from him throughout the whole movie and he’s very honest.


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