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Bottoms (2023, Emma Seligman)

So this is hard for me because we watched the first 80 or 90 minutes of this in November and then circumstances got in the way. We finished it tonight. My memory of the first half of the movie has really faded so I really don’t think I can be quite fair.

This is a funny, goofy and slightly surreal high school comedy about two lesbians trying to get laid. It’s a fun spin on the classic high school comedy trope that really leans into how over-the-top some of these classic films.

This much time later, it’s really hard to figure out what to say. The film is quite funny and has a lot of fun with the clichés its mocking. I remember the climax much more than the rest of the film because I watched the climax recently. I like how everything gets extra absurd. So many teen movies get serious near the end and this movie manages instead get extra silly.

I think if I had watched the whole movie in one sitting, or even a couple of sittings within a week or two, I would have more to say. But I do think on the whole is pretty good. Whatever qualms I had about the first parts of the film I have forgotten. So I don’t really have much to say in criticism.

It’s funny and it’s a fresh spin on a very tired genre with leads who are pretty charismatic.


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