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2013, Books, Non-Fiction, Travel

The Great Canadian Bucket List (2013) by Robin Esrock

I’m of two minds about this book, which was a gift to me who knows when. (And, weirdly, many years after I drove across Canada.) On the one hand, it feels like a bit of a affiliate marketing gimmick, and some of the places and things on the list appear to be here to make …

2015, Movies

BBC Culture’s 100 Greatest American Films

So the BBC released a list of the 100 Greatest American Films (of the last 100 years, by the way) two months ago. It’s a pretty decent list, all things considered, but it’s hardly perfect, by any means. I am presenting the list below, with my thoughts:


The Greatest Horror Movies of All Time…that I’ve seen

In honour of Halloween, but really inspired by a facebook discussion earlier today, I figured I would write a brief little list of the greatest horror films ever made. (With the obvious qualifier that, while I have seen a lot of movies – 3,500 is probably a conservative estimate – I have by no means …

2007, Movies

My own attempt at a list of great movies as of 2007

Since the AFI list has come out, I have been thinking that I should at least put forward my suggestions. What I have done is come up with an incomplete list of directors and their films. My intention is to suggest them, this is by no means definitive. It is not definitive because some of …